IN Home Wine Tastings

Are you looking for something unique and fun to do at your next dinner party? Book an in home wine tasting with one of our Sommeliers! We have a variety of packages available suitable for the novice to the master! 

The basic wine tasting package is guided by one of our certified sommeliers  and is designed for up to 10 adults and includes:

* 1.5 hour tasting experience

* 3 wines 

* Basic food compliment

* Tasting notes/scorecard

* Tasting guide

Our packages can be customized to meet the needs of your group. You can structure your tasting in the following ways:

Blind Tasting - This tasting provides no information about the wines. Guests will make educated guesses on the wines they are tasting through a guided deductive process 

     ***A blind tasting is interactive and is a great option for the wine enthusiast***

Semi-Blind Tasting - â€‹Guests will know what varietals are present and will attempt to match them through tasting. 

     ***This is a great option that offers a unique approach to tasting wine while challenging the senses to identify the wine.

Varietal Tasting - This is a great option for the novice wine drinker who wants to learn more about particular varietals or regions

Horizontal Tasting -  A horizontal tasting compares vintage years of the same varietal 

     ***This option may include a surcharge as there are limited tasting options and wine costs may vary***

****We also offer a deluxe tasting package that includes a 2 hour tasting, 5 wines, tasting scorecard and guide, and food complement. This package is designed for up to 10 adults ****

Have a large party or corporate function? Call us for custom wine tasting party options!